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Content management system

To help our customers manage and edit pages , we have created a modern, intuitive management system . It’s main advantage is the ability to be used by people with no knowledge of HTML .

Distinguishing features:

– Accordance with the standards of web design so that works with most popular web browsers

– Friendly for search engines ( SEO friendly ) and easy in positioning

– Has friendly links pages

– Integration with google maps

– Integration with Google Analytics

– Integration with iNewsletter used to conduct advertising campaigns by email

– Site map (Google SiteMap )

– Offline mode ( ability to disable the website)

– The creation of working drafts of pages

– The possibility to view the page in a print view

– Security ( the system remembers every attempt to log into the system , backups are made regularly)

– Possibility to change the graphic design from the administrator panel

We invite you to familiarize yourself with DEMO version of our system at:

Administration panel is available on the website (login and password are both demo) :



Sending mailings bidding / advertising / occasional to the customers, is today standard. For optimum ease and to simplify this task , we created a simple application – iNewsletter .

Its main advantages are:

a) delivery schedule

b) creation of groups of customers

c) creating multiple accounts

d) the implementation of a number of templates

e) check the status of realization

f ) statistics of the system

g) ability to insert attachments

h ) removing the address / customer groups

i) number of configuration options

j) create messages without having knowledge of HTML

k) the ability to import contacts and companies in CSV

l) the possibility to register or deregister from the subscription list using the form on website or a direct link which is added to each email

m) automatically reject duplicated email addresses

n) shipping is completed within 5 minutes after its creation

o) history of shipments This is a great solution for small and large businesses for sales and marketing department. Currently, several of our customers are using it and they really praise it.


The reservation system

For some time, we work with several companies in the hospitality industry. As part of one of the contracts we have developed revolutionary booking system that has many uses.

Its main advantages are:

– transparency

– universal desing

– multilingualism

– make your registration via website

– sending messages by email

– integration with online payment system

– integration with SMS platform API for shipping sms notifications.

Especially recommended for: a) the holders of travel agents / agencies / offices intermediary b) the owners of hotels / B & Bs / holiday cottages c) the owners of car dealerships d) the owners of service points e) owners of car rental f) the owners of the medical / psychological / beauty / hairdressing offices g) training business owners h) offices i) insurance agencies j) law firms k) owners of wedding halls, restaurants


Dedicated Software

Group itDesk, it’s not just pages and online stores, but also functional systems that support the daily operations of our clients. We carry out projects on request, we can now boast of several implementations (described in other sub-pages):

– reservation system
– system to create diets
– newsletter
– our own content management system – iCMS
– configurators

At the moment we are working on new orders on the software.

What do we do?

ItDesk company has to its credit hundreds of websites, dozens of shops.

Currently it has the realizations from various industries, in cooperation with major clients in the region and beyond.

So far, we created websites for companies in such areas as:
– Hotel industry,
– Medical,
– Food industry,
– Catering industry,
– Books, garden pools,
– Clothing industry,
– Nutritionist and healthy eating,
– Funeral Services,
– ecology,
– Real estate,
– Photographic studios,
– Music producers.

Cooperation in most cases was to create pages / store from scratch:
– Select a domain
– Develop graphics
– Implementation of the software store / pages
– Provide a training
– Develop a marketing strategy

Monitoring competition of our customers and to improve their qualifications allows you to make a creative and effective marketing projects.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process designed to achieve the highest position in the search engines. Very often it is associated with the optimization of the website. This involves adapting the content to be easily and quickly found by the search engine algorithms. Appropriate describe keywords, titles, alternate content for images is the basis for optimization. Also proper placement of content on your site, cataloging of topics and content, the use of “friendly” addresses work in its favor. Following these guidelines will help faster and easier to index our site bots / search engines algorithms. But not only this is important. If we want to make our website / portal / blog popular the content must be updated to attract the attention of potential customers / visitors. Bad positioning and optimization may lead to the removal of our website address from search engines positions.

User Experience


User experience is a term which describes the user satisfaction and contentment while using the products or systems. User experience is a characterization of the person feelings while using them. Most often the term is used in relation to software, internet applications and websites. The experience of interacting your customers with products is used to optimize them. Having information about what the customer/user expects from a product we can get satisfaction and increase its popularity.

If UX is to cause the satisfaction of the product it must meet a number of key elements:

Liquidity interaction
The ability to easily input information
Fast response time of the system
Intuitive workflow
Clarity of information and functions
A simple progression to feeling comfortable with the system
The accuracy of the information presented
The aesthetic appearance of the interface

Each of these elements constitutes a large part of the user experience. All are effective due to the contribution of the project from each of the following areas:

Interaction Design
Information architecture
Human Computer Interaction
Human factors engineering
User interface design (UI design)

The user experience is the culmination of all these elements in one area.

An innovative system for Dieters

Full Health – Opole Centre for Nutrition, is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the Opole region. Conscientiously updated knowledge and years of experience caused the clinic has gained a number of satisfied customers, hundreds of pounds lost. Full Health stands out above all diets hand-stitched as well as comprehensive guidance on healthy eating.

Marketing operation for Full Health clinic was to create a professional
and comprehensive system to create optimal and healthy diet plans .

The aim of the project was to :
a) create a professional system for creating and editing diet
b) to allow entry and editing of individual ingredients and meals
c) allowing the calculation of weight and calories of each food
d) the systematization of diet for each client
e) to facilitate and speed up your daily work
f ) to strengthen the image of the clinic

The first step was the identification of customer needs, to discuss the details of his work. At subsequent meetings we was preparing configuration for each task, realizing the objectives of our clients.
The result of actions taken by the company and conversations is functional and innovative system that facilitates the work of nutritionists. The system allows you to prepare a professional diet plan.

Co to jest e-learning?

E-learning is a way of teaching using modern electronic media. All media and the internet may be potential ways of teaching. This gives a lot of opportunities to publish and extend learning materials, training, simulation, courses, etc. Such content can be enriched with presentations, photos, videos, etc. E-learning systems allows us to learn anywhere and anytime. This is a great advantage for people who have a busy schedule and want to learn, it also facilitates training for employees and diversifies classes in school. This teaching method also allows you to reduce the costs associated with it. It greatly simplifies learning of foreign languages.
The system allows us to adjust the time to what makes us more difficult where the traditional way of teaching is not always possible.

Customer Relationship Management

It is a strategy that allows you to learn about the needs of customers and establish wider relations with them. Good relations with customers are the key of success. CRM is not just a technological element. It is a process that helps to gather a lot of information about customers, sales, marketing effectiveness, flexibility, and market trends.
CRM is best to help businesses get the sake of the behavior and value of customers, using technology and people. This information helps improve customer service, increase the share of customers, reduce costs, improve sales and marketing.
In order to CRM was truly effective company must take appropriate measures. They have to analyze the market processes and improve those that require it. Also they need to decide which customer information is relevant and how to use them. Then, by choosing the appropriate technology implement the plan into live. Sometimes it may take some time but it will bring a huge success.