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Czym jest eye tracking?

Eye tracking is tracking eye movements. This technique is used in many areas such as .: psychology, medicine, road safety, ergonomics, computing and marketing. We mainly take care of what involves eye tracking and web pages. Research on users showed “sensitive points” of websites. Thanks to them we can build our web site to attract the most attention of consumers which will increase our popularity. If we want to make our website clear, functional and attracting attention we schould learn about the results of research on eye tracking.

What research has shown in relation to websites:

– the largest amount of information absorbed by the internaut is the first lines of the specified text, starting from the left edge of the screen

– reader’s eyes are focused on the most important issues, informations are absorbed selectively – through eyes we make selection according to the criteria of validity or invalidity of the media

– placement of graphics in the middle of the text may meet with omitting it by eyesight. The Internet user can take this as an obstacle, unless specified image aptly fits the text and refers to it

– illegible images are often treated as an obstacle to miss

– as to the particular images it is important not only their aesthetics, but also whether it contain useful information

– Internet users often pay attention to the graphic elements on which the subject looks straight into the lens

– information overload, saturated with content page causes the same adverse effect as too little information. Pages designed in a simple way makes the surfer focuses more on content that is available on them

– pictures should not be pointless and inserted without reference to a specific text – they will fulfill their functions only when they alluded to it

– research also showed that vision of large part of Internet users skip advertising banners. They are most likely to click by children under the age of seven – because of the contained colors and the specific animations.