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An innovative system for Dieters

Full Health – Opole Centre for Nutrition, is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the Opole region. Conscientiously updated knowledge and years of experience caused the clinic has gained a number of satisfied customers, hundreds of pounds lost. Full Health stands out above all diets hand-stitched as well as comprehensive guidance on healthy eating.

Marketing operation for Full Health clinic was to create a professional
and comprehensive system to create optimal and healthy diet plans .

The aim of the project was to :
a) create a professional system for creating and editing diet
b) to allow entry and editing of individual ingredients and meals
c) allowing the calculation of weight and calories of each food
d) the systematization of diet for each client
e) to facilitate and speed up your daily work
f ) to strengthen the image of the clinic

The first step was the identification of customer needs, to discuss the details of his work. At subsequent meetings we was preparing configuration for each task, realizing the objectives of our clients.
The result of actions taken by the company and conversations is functional and innovative system that facilitates the work of nutritionists. The system allows you to prepare a professional diet plan.