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User Experience


User experience is a term which describes the user satisfaction and contentment while using the products or systems. User experience is a characterization of the person feelings while using them. Most often the term is used in relation to software, internet applications and websites. The experience of interacting your customers with products is used to optimize them. Having information about what the customer/user expects from a product we can get satisfaction and increase its popularity.

If UX is to cause the satisfaction of the product it must meet a number of key elements:

Liquidity interaction
The ability to easily input information
Fast response time of the system
Intuitive workflow
Clarity of information and functions
A simple progression to feeling comfortable with the system
The accuracy of the information presented
The aesthetic appearance of the interface

Each of these elements constitutes a large part of the user experience. All are effective due to the contribution of the project from each of the following areas:

Interaction Design
Information architecture
Human Computer Interaction
Human factors engineering
User interface design (UI design)

The user experience is the culmination of all these elements in one area.